Extra, Extra! Read all About it!!!

Hello friends! 

One thing I love most about the world of self publishing is the opportunity to form relationships with other authors and other readers! Even since Friday when I made my announcement, people have been so supportive and sweet reaching out! I’m so excited for the beginning of these new friendships and look forward to making many more. 

One way I want to stay connected with you all is through an email mailing list. This is going to be a great way to get inside information before it is available to anyone else.

Why join my mailing list? Here are some fun reasons below:

  1. You will receive updates automatically on release dates for my books.
  2. Any time I release a teaser, it will go out to the mailing list FIRST!
  3. People on the mailing list will receive information about contests and there will even be mailing list only contests. 
  4. Once Protected is released, people on the mailing list will receive inside information on other character points of views too! 

So how do you sign up? In the Contact Me box on the page just enter into the comments that you’d like to join the mailing list. It’s that simple! 

I can’t wait to hear from you! 


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