A Hunter Within Teasers

Check out these teasers from A Hunter Within, scheduled for release July 16th, 2018!

*These are unedited teasers, just for fun, to get you excited for my new, upcoming release! Enjoy!!*

Teaser #1:

A chilling, ripping sound came from behind me and I turned back to see the man from earlier, only this time he looked much more haggard than I remembered. And he definitely was not strapped to anything that prevented him from escaping. I refocused my attention in front of me, wondering where I could run.

Before I could make that decision, I was grabbed roughly by my arms and thrown up against the wall. I stared down into the face of what didn’t look like a man at all. I frowned. His hair hung in his eyes, eyes, which were a strange crimson red color. The veins in his face were unnaturally defined as if something was pumping through him like a steroid. A very bad steroid.

His lips curled back, coming closer to my face and a growling sound came out again.

“Are you okay?” I asked with a shaky voice.

Seriously, are you okay? That was what I could come up with when I’m being attacked by a mad man? The patient must have been surprised at my response as well, because he threw me back down, tearing away in an effort to escape down the hallway. He stopped glancing at me with a daring look in his eyes before he pushed through an Emergency Exit door at the edge of the building.


I was sure there would be security footage somewhere of me in this hallway. I was already screwed and if this guy was in trouble, he shouldn’t be wandering around in the woods alone. I rolled my eyes and decided to chase after him, hoping he wasn’t dangerous and was simply scared.

I ran through the door he had exited through moments before and saw the direction he had run off in. It wasn’t hard to tell. There was gravel knocked about as if he’d been dragging his feet along abnormally.

“Hello!” I called out, receiving nothing in response. “I don’t want to hurt you, Sir. I just want to help,” I tried again, walking further away from the building and closer to the edge of the woods.

A deep, intimidating laugh rang out from the shadows. “Help? I will be the one helping myself to your pathetic, little figure, pretty girl. What an easy target you are. Coming out here all alone.”

“Please, if you’d just come back with me I know we can assist you.” I still couldn’t put eyes on him in the darkness he’d disappeared to. I shivered once.

They must have given him some heavy sedative or hallucinogen if he thought lurking around in the shadows made more sense than being around our doctors and pharmacists.

The man suddenly emerged from the shadows, a smile etched onto his face that looked as wide as a cartoon. His teeth looked funny, like they had been filed to points on his canines. I squinted, but realized I might not have time to be studying him at the moment. He stalked towards me before he started moving in a slow, deliberate circle. I crossed my arms over my chest to try to hide my trembling at not just the cold, but at the realization of how bad this situation might be.

“I feel much better, now. And the first thing I’m going to do is rip you apart and savor that fresh, innocent blood I’m sure is flowing through those delicate veins.”

I frowned, stumbling back a few steps as I realized that chasing after a mad man alone was a very stupid move.

The hairs on my neck started to prickle and stand again, but this time I felt a strong hand touch the small of my back, and another touch my arm as a strange spark ran through my body, both warming and calming me all at once.

“Run,” a voice said softly in my ear.

I turned to look into the ice blue eyes of someone I’d never seen before. I backed up and the stranger furrowed his brow for a minute, as if he’d felt the electric shock too, before refocusing and letting go of me.

“Are…are you security?” I asked, slightly stunned by not only the shock I felt, but the smoldering eyes watching me as well.

“Something like that.” His lips quirked into a small, devilish smirk before his eyes darted back over to the man who had suddenly started rushing towards us. “Go, now. Get inside,” he said more urgently and turned to face the deranged patient from our facility.

I started backing away, but was worried about this stranger facing off with the clearly unstable man. Why would our company have only one guy on hand for security?

The two of them started fighting and I yelped, terrified by the strength with which they brawled. Their movements were quick, and appeared deadly. The strength with which they were hitting each other seemed to be much more than either was letting on. I kept backing away, slowly.

The troubled man took notice of me again and came rushing towards me, reaching out to grab at my arm. The stranger, quicker than I would have thought possible, twisted the patent’s outstretched arm behind his back and slammed him down onto the ground.

He looked back up at me, with a fierceness in his eyes that hadn’t been there before. “Please, you need to go,” he urged as his blue eyes intensified in color.

My fight or flight senses finally seemed to kick into flight, and I obeyed. I ran back to the emergency exit I came out of and slammed the door behind me.


Teaser #2:

A Hunter Within Visual Teaser Gabriel and Jules meet 2.png