Sacrificed is LIVE!!!!!

Happy December & Happy Holiday Season!

As an early Holiday gift … Sacrificed is AVAILABLE NOW and LIVE in e-book format on Amazon!! And about a day early! YAY!!!

Can’t wait to read it?! Want to FINALLY see what happens to Ariya, James, Nick, Caroline & Riley?? Get your copy on Amazon here, NOW!

Psst…I’m exclusively with Amazon now, so if you are on Kindle Unlimited — Sacrificed is there, too!! You can snag it for FREE!

Don’t forget to join me Thursday, December 7th at 8:30 PM EST for a fun Launch Party night on Facebook! Join the event here and don’t miss out on the silly games and awesome Giveaways!!

EEK! So excited to have this in your hands and LIVE!

Thank you all ❤


Happy Thanksgiving & Lots of Updates — Are you Ready?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! First and foremost, I hope you all have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving surrounded by family, friends and loved ones!

Thanksgiving Post

In case you missed it, I went live on my Facebook page last night to announce some BIG NEWS!! Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Black Friday Sale!!! Protected (Book 1 in the Ariya Adams Trilogy) will be available for FREE on Amazon starting this Friday (24 November) – Sunday (26 November)! Click here to bookmark where you can get your FREE copy and start your journey with Ariya and the gang!
  • I joined Instagram! I’m doing Giveaway to get some excitement going about it! Check it out and enter for a chance to win a $5 Amazon Gift Card ~OR~ an e-book copy of Awakened (Book 2 in the Ariya Adams Trilogy)! This Giveaway will be open starting TODAY and run through Monday the 27th!
  • Sacrificed Cover Reveal will launch on all Social Media Platforms Tuesday, 28 November (that’s less than a week away)!! 
  • FINALLY — **Drum Roll please** The Sacrificed release date has been announced!! Book 3 in the Ariya Adams Trilogy will be available on Amazon Thursday, December 7th! I’ll be hosting a Release Party on my Facebook page that evening with lots of giveaways! Stay tuned for more details around that!

I can’t wait for you all to get your hands on Sacrificed! Thank you, as always for your support and encouragement!

Again, Happy Thanksgiving to you & your loved ones! 


Happy Memorial Day and Protected Giveaway

Hi everyone!

First and foremost, I want to take a moment to say thank you to all those who are serving, or have served, our county. Sometimes we take for granted the sacrifices that so many people have made so that we may enjoy all the freedoms we do. This Memorial Day, I want to make sure I say THANK YOU! It should be said everyday because I truly am grateful to wake up each day here in the land of the free. Thank you to each and every one of you. Your service and selflessness is one of the greatest blessings and gifts there is. Thank you for all you have done. Thank you for all you do. God Bless You.

Now, I know I’ve been quiet again lately. I just finished re-editing Protected! I had that as a goal before UtopYA 2014. There were definitely areas to improve, and I’m so excited to have it out there, re-edited, and in such great shape. Julie at the Book Gardener (Check out her Facebook page here) had edited Awakened for me and helped me go back through Protected. She is absolutely amazing. Any indie authors out there – please visit her page and see what she can offer. She has an amazing eye and has taken my stories and cherished them as her own. I’m so thankful to get to have such a great relationship with such a beautiful person!

My next goal is getting both Protected and Awakened in paperback form before the conference. I’m pushing to get that done with the help of the amazing J.L. Durfey 🙂 (Thanks girl!!). We will both be exhibiting at UtopYA! I can’t wait for June 20th!! If you haven’t checked out J.L.’s work you need to! She’s an Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance author, who I have written about many times, and is also under the Writing Sisters tab 🙂 Dreamer, Book 1 in her Kali Lockton Trilogy, is FREE ON AMAZON! I’ve even included the link there for you to one click! Fair Warning: You will be hooked!

So while I’m working on finalizing things for the conference, and of course getting things down for SACRIFICED (Book 3 in the Ariya Adams Trilogy), I thought I’d do a GIVEAWAY! I’d like to get Protected out to some NEW FANS who may not have read the book yet. Here’s how you can snag a copy. The first 5 newbies to comment on my Facebook Page, OR Contact Me here on the website through the form, OR ask to be added to the mailing list on the Contact Me Tab, will get a copy of Protected (Book 1 in the Ariya Adams Trilogy). If you haven’t read Protected, now you can! If you’ve already read Protected and know someone who might find it interesting, let them know they can get it from me for FREE now!

I’m also working with some bloggers in the next week or so who will be doing Flash Giveaways of Protected! Stay tuned for that information. These bloggers are fantastic and I have discovered so many fun, new reads from their reviews and spotlights!!

I think that’s all from me for now! I hope everyone has a fun and SAFE Memorial Day Weekend!

Talk to you soon! ❤


Love is all you Need: Valentine’s Day Giveaway!

Hi friends!

It has been so long – I’m sorry!! To make up for it – I’m going to be doing a Valentine’s Day week giveaway! It’s called the Love is all you Need Giveaway 🙂

You can enter by visiting the GIVEAWAY link on my Facebook Page here. OR by following this link directly.

You could win e-copies of Protected (Book 1 in the Ariya Adams Trilogy), Awakened (Book 2 in the Ariya Adams Trilogy), or the Ariya Adams Prize Pack where you could win both!

Good Luck with the giveaway and Happy Valentine’s Day. Whether you are thinking of family, friends, or significant others during this time – I hope it’s still filled with love and thankfulness for the people surrounding you. ❤

Awakened Release Date Announcement!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated this week in the Awakened Cover Reveal and the Cover Reveal Giveaway! I’ve received some great feedback and I’m so glad you all love the cover!! J.L. Durfey is just AMAZING at her cover work!!

The four winners of the Awakened Giveaway have been emailed/contacted to claim their prizes. Thank you and Congratulations to Cynderella D., Kirstie H., Jenn T., and Anna C. I hope you all enjoy.

Thank you also to the WONDERFUL bloggers who are so supportive and make my giveaways, reveals, and releases so much fun! If anyone is looking for fun book blogs to follow, these ladies have it DOWN! Thank you Sandwich Making Book Bitches, Can’t Read Just One, Sunshine & Mountains, Bookworm Bridgette, and Victoria’s Gossip!!

As promised, I believe it’s time for an announcement. The RELEASE DATE for Awakened (Book 2 in the Ariya Adams Trilogy) is … TUESDAY, OCTOBER 29th!!! Yep, there will be no waiting until November 🙂 It’ll be out in less than 1 month!

There will be a Release Day Party on my Author Facebook Page to celebrate on the 29th. It’ll start at 8:00pm EST and run about an hour. We’ll chat right there on the page. It’ll be a relaxed and fun way to get to know each other, ask me questions you might be wanting to ask, and have fun! Anyone who “Likes” or “Comments” on something on my page during that hour release party will be entered to win one of the fabulous prizes below:

  • 2 Ariya Adams Prize Packs (e-copies of Protected AND Awakened)
  • 5 e-copies of Awakened (Book 2 in the Ariya Adams Trilogy)
  • 1 Signed Paperback copy of Awakened (Book 2 in the Ariya Adams Trilogy)
  • 2 $10 Amazon Gift Cards

IN ADDITION to a fun release day party I will be going GIVEAWAY CRAZY in the weeks leading up to October 29th. I will have 3 e-copies of Protected given away each week until we reach the week of the 29th. The first giveaway will be Monday, September 30th so keep your eyes peeled for questions coming at you on my Facebook Page, Twitter, or here on the website!

Thank you again for all of your support! I can’t wait until the 29th of October!

Awakened Cover Reveal!

It’s here!!! Time to show off the amazing work of J.L. Durfey with the revealing of the cover from Book 2 in the Ariya Adams Trilogy, Awakened.  I can’t wait to hear what you all think. Along with the reveal, I’ll be having a giveaway that will run all week. The prizes are:

  • 1 e-copy of Protected (Ariya Adams Trilogy Book 1)
  • 1 e-copy of Awakened (Ariya Adams Trilogy Book 2)
  • 1 Ariya Adams Prize Pack (Protected AND Awakened)
  • 1 Kali Lockton Prize Pack (Dreamer AND Tell Me I’m Dreaming, Books 1 and 2 in the Kali Lockton Trilogy by Cover Designer and Author J.L. Durfey)

**Please note anyone who wins Awakened will be sent an e-copy of the book on the release date (To Be Announced September 27th)**

You can enter by following this link: OR visiting the giveaway tab on my Facebook Author Page.

When the giveaway ends on September 27th, I’ll be making an announcement for when YOU can expect to see Awakened available for purchase! YAY! Okay, okay, without further ado…here is the Awakened Cover!

Awakened Book 2 Ariya Adams Cover


So what do you think???? 🙂 🙂 🙂

Cover Reveal Giveaway Winners and What’s Coming Up Next

Hello everyone!

Thank you so much to all who entered the Protected Cover Reveal Giveaway. I hope you all love the new cover as much as I do. JL Durfey is amazing!! 🙂

Without further ado…your Winners are:

  1. FREE e-copy of Protected (Book 1 in the Ariya Adams Trilogy) – Cassie Polla
  2. FREE e-copy of Dreamer (Book 1 in the Kali Lockton Trilogy) by JL Durfey – Angela Pratt
  3. Paranormal Prize Pack which means a FREE e-copy of Protected (Book 1 in the Ariya Adams Trilogy) AND a FREE e-copy of Dreamer (Book 1 in the Kali Lockton Trilogy) by JL Durfey – Melissa Toppen

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you again everyone!

So, you may be thinking, what’s next? In the coming weeks there will be a lot going on. I will be announcing the release date for Book 2 in the Ariya Adams Trilogy, doing ANOTHER Cover Reveal and Title Reveal for Book 2, posting some teasers to get you excited for Book 2, and then of course having a RELEASE PARTY for Book 2. The next two months are going to be exciting (oops did I give anything away there??).

In the meantime, keep an eye out next week for my Dream Cast of Protected. Can’t wait? Then you are a lot like me when it comes to patience. As part of my Cover Reveal with the lovely ladies at the Sandwich Making Book Bitches blog, they interviewed me. One of the questionsasked  was about my Dream Cast. Find the interview and the cast here if you just can’t wait. Otherwise, keep an eye out next week on my website for my Dream Cast Reveal 🙂

Thank you again everyone and HAPPY FRIDAYYY!!!!! ❤