Sacrificed (Book 3 in the Ariya Adams Trilogy)


Sacrificed is available through the Kindle Unlimited Program and in e-book and Paperback format on Amazon!!

Visit the Teasers page for some highlights from the final installment in the Ariya Adams Trilogy!


Sacrificed Paperback FINAL Cover


Ariya Adams has a powerful ability that has protected those she loves from every danger they’ve faced. With Audrey, a powerful and malicious being on the loose and determined to overrun the supernatural world, Ariya and her friends are on a mission of vital importance: they must find a weapon that can destroy the most dangerous evil the Protectors have ever encountered. The problem is, they have no idea who they can trust.

That’s not the only complication though.

Ariya has a life-changing secret and must carry out her own mission without her Protectors finding out…especially James, who is already watching her every move. With Audrey closing in, there’s no time to question the magnitude of the sacrifice she’ll have to make to save her friends.

Sacrificed is the final installment of the Ariya Adams Trilogy Join Ariya, James, Nick, Caroline and Riley as they conclude their journey together through the toughest trials they’ve yet to face. Can they finally accomplish what must be done and stop Audrey? Or will she succeed in destroying everything Ariya holds dear once and for all?


7 thoughts on “Sacrificed (Book 3 in the Ariya Adams Trilogy)

  1. Anna-it’s been months since we’ve heard anything from you. Any idea when you’ll have more Sacrificed news? I am looking forward to the conclusion of this amazing series 🙂 Thanks!!!


    • Hey Amanda!!! I know it has been awhile. I’m going to post an update today as to why that is. There’s nothing new to report on Sacrificed unfortunately — I’m hoping to be able to conclude it soon though. Thank you so much for your patience and for following!!


    • You are so sweet! And I can’t tell you how happy it makes me that you are patiently waiting! I’m so sorry I don’t have anymore specifics but I can tell you that I’m almost 1/2 done! Which doesn’t seem like a lot but since I reworked almost everything I originally had, it’s a lot of progress 🙂


      • Hey Ms.Applegate just curious if you have a status update on book 3 sacrifice. I’m anciently waiting on this book. i love these character’s
        Thank you


    • Hey Debbie! I have truly neglected my site, and I’m so sorry!! I apparently did not have my notification settings right to see all these amazing comments. I am beginning work with my critique partner SOON on Sacrificed! This is a big step, and to me the second biggest only to the writing 🙂 So it is happening! Thank you for your support!


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